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How it all began

Mini Walleye Spins

The Mini Walleye Spins evolution started eight years ago on Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota. I was in a tournament and found the walleyes to be very finicky. The bait of choice was a plain hook and crawler on a 12’ leader. The fish kept dropping it and just would not commit. I tried the traditional crawler harness and could not get a bite at all.

I down sized to a very small spinner and threaded the crawler on it. That was the ticket; they just wanted a tiny bit of flash and the crawler to look natural.

Mini Walleye Spins can be used with minnows and leeches too!

Give it a try. I know it will put more fish in the boat.


I have spent the last several years improving the original design, and experimenting with blade and bead colors.

I have developed 10 different patterns that consistently catch walleyes under most conditions.

I have designed them using 42” of Berkley monofilament line and top quality VMC Aberdeen hooks. The bead size and shape allow the spinner to operate freely at surprisingly low speeds. The Aberdeen style hook pulls free of most snags without breaking the line.

From our original concept, we have developed a complete line of spinners and snells for all types of fishing.