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Why You Need a Variety of Jigs In Your Tackle Box

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When it comes to fishing, few lure options are as widely lauded as the jig for their versatility and effectiveness in catching fish.

That's likely because of the sheer variety of jig sizes, shapes and colors. That's not to mention the number of enticing presentations you can create with jigs.

All that variety boils down to the reason jigs have been a staple in many a fisherman's tackle box: They catch fish.

At Hennings Tackle, we've got plenty of different jigs available that will meet just about any fishing need. Before browsing our products, learn how to know which jigs will help you fill your livewells.

Jigs come in all shapes and sizes.

The most notable feature of any jig is its head. A jig head's shape gives it certain benefits when fished in specific conditions.

Cut through the water

For example, a round head - the most popular shape - slices through the water and sinks quickly without much other movement.

Another jig head option that moves easily and naturally for water is the bullet head. These are great when fishing in rivers or other bodies of water with a current.

Add some action

Some jigs are meant to move.

Jigs with heads designed to create a wobble as they sink, or have an added propeller at the end of the head's collar. Prop heads spin and can add a flash or vibration when the jig is retrieved.

Specialty jig heads

Other jig heads, such as tube heads or shad heads, are meant for specific baits.

For more details on these and other jig head styles, take a look at this explanatory post form TackleTour.

Choose a jig color for all fishing conditions.

When it comes to color, the options for jigs can seem endless. There's no need to be overwhelmed, though, if you keep several tips in mind for how to choose the right jig color.

Match available baitfish

This is a perfect approach when you're fishing with a plastic lure on a jig. Think of what available bait fish are located in the water body you're fishing. Try to match the colors fish may naturally encounter.

Unpainted can work, too

While some anglers swear by making sure you always pick the right color of every lure - including jig heads - there are plenty others who will claim unpainted jig heads can work, too.

They're not wrong. If you're fishing with a skirted or hair jig, the color of the skirt or collar probably matters more than the jig head itself.

Also, with live bait, it's more the bait than the jig that's going to entice a fish to strike.

Experiment, experiment, experiment

This is to say: find your favorite. If you've got a jig head that, when matched with the right type of bait, you believe seems to work better than others, then stick with it. There's something to be said about fishing with confidence.

Lure 'em in with live bait.

Jigs work well with many different live bait presentations. Nightcrawlers, leeches, minnows, shad - the list goes on and on.


Now here's a known fish-catching bait presentation for walleyes. As noted in Game and Fish, a jig tipped with a nightcrawler can be "hopped" along the bottom. The worm will flutter while the jig drops, proving irresistible.


If leeches are your bait of choice, then it's best to go with a lighter jig. Heavy jigs tend to simply overpower leeches, limiting their ability to still move naturally while on the hook.

Shiners, minnows, chubs and more

Match the added color or movement of a jig with a bait fish natural to the waterbody you're fishing. Sometimes, there's nothing better than simply trying to imitate the prey that the fish you're targeting already is going after.

With a jig, you're just adding a little more flash or flair.

Plastics work with jigs, too.

One of the go-to plastics for jigs is the plastic twister tail. It's appearance mimics that of a bait fish, and the tail twirls upon retrieve - basically begging fish to strike.

You can also tip jigs with plastics that mimic anything from nearly any type or size of baitfish, crawfish or even worm.

While plastics aren't natural, they often add an action or movement while retrieved that natural live bait can't replicate.

Hennings Tackle has the right jig for you.

From jigs that work with live bait, to jigs that can be paired with a plastic, Hennings Tackle has you covered.

Don't worry about color or size, either. We've got a huge variety of options there, too.

Pitch 'N Jigs

Pitch 'N Jigs come in three sizes (3/16 oz., 1/4 oz. and 5/16 oz.) and a number of colors. Our Pitch 'N Jigs are made with bullet-shaped heads, which cut through water quickly - perfect for pitching. The double barbs help keep the plastic securely attached.

Your best bet with this jig is to put a plastic tail on the end, cast it out, swim it back and hold on!

Shiner Jigs

Our Shiner Jigs come have a 4/0 hook - perfect for a larger shiner or chub. Set up a deadly presentation by putting the hook in the mouth and out the gill of the bait. Then, insert the tip of the hook in the side of the bait to make it weedless.

Snap the jig over and through the weed beds where you'll find walleye hiding.

Wobble Jigs

Our staff seriously love our Wobble Jigs. With the enticingly slow, fluttery drop caused by its shape, this jig will surprise you. The Wobble Jig comes in 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz. and 3/8 oz. sizes.

Walleye Candy

This is a more traditional jig with a gumdrop shape. You can customize your order with either Eagle Claw short shank or long shank hooks. Our Walleye Candy jig comes in sizes ranging from 1/16 oz. to 1/2 oz.

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